El Chapo’s admirers would ‘gift him’ guns on special occasions: ex-bodyguard

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman didn’t have to buy his own guns — admirers just gave them to him, his former bodyguard said.

“Whenever it was a birthday or a special occasion, people would gift him those,” Isaias Valdez Rios said in Brooklyn federal court Thursday when shown a picture of yet another diamond-encrusted handgun owned by his ex-boss, on trial for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

“I never heard Mr. Guzman say ‘Oh, can you order me a gold-handled pistol,’ or like, one with his initials,” Valdez testified.

Jurors Thursday where shown a photo of a pistol, whose handle was embedded with diamonds to form the shape of a black panther.

The gun mirrors yet another diamond-studded, panther-emblazoned gun Guzman was known to carry — though the feline on that firearm is made of white diamonds.

Guzman is also known for his beloved “J.G.L.” diamond-handled .38 super pistol, which bears the initials for his full name, Joaquin Guzman Loera.

In addition to bedazzled handguns, prosecutors say “El Chapo” toted a gold-plated AK-47 rifle, witnesses have said.

Valdez also said Thursday he’d seen the Sinaloa Cartel head walking around with a camouflage painted AK-47 as well.

Yet not all guns made the cut, per a former witness who said Guzman once mocked his own gun gift.

Chicago-born drug trafficker Pedro Flores said he tried to present Chapo with gold-plated Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistols during their first meeting in the mountains of Mexico in May 2005.

“It wasn’t positive,” Flores told jurors last month of Guzman’s reaction to the arms, which weighed 5 Ibs apiece. “I guess I watch too many movies.”

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