El Chapo’s brother was caught with $1.2M stashed in car: customs official

El Chapo’s little brother once used a Ford Bronco — with $1.2 million in cash stuffed behind its paneling — to try to smuggle the drug money from the US back into Mexico, a witness testified in Brooklyn court Tuesday.

Jurors were shown photos of the black SUV and the hordes of money lining its doors and elsewhere as US Customs Port Director Michael Humphries recounted the day in 1989 that he busted Chapo’s sibling, Arturo Guzman.

Humphries said he’d been working the border in Douglas, Arizona, when he stopped the Bronco with California plates. He testified that he stopped the car to question a jittery Arturo Guzman, who he’d seen cross into the US just a half-hour earlier in a red Pontiac.

During an extensive search of the car, the agent said he removed a side panel from its interior and discovered the neat stacks of cash.

“The driver’s-side panel was full of bundles of US currency,” Humphries told jurors. A more thorough search of the car recovered a total of $1,226,354 in US bills.

The agent testified that he also found a lease agreement signed by Arturo in the vehicle showing he’d purchased the Bronco just two days earlier for $6,500.

Humphries grinned as he was shown a snap of himself holding up two trash bags of cash in the back room of a local bank where agents had taken the money to be counted. Beside him is a fellow officer holding a shotgun, and a large pile of money sitting on the table between two bank tellers.

While Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman gained infamy for allegedly using tunnels to ferry drugs and profits in and out of the US, cartel canary Jesus Zambada previously testified at Guzman’s trial that the organization was plagued with “ant-speed” operations moving small quantities of cocaine or money back and forth.

Arturo Guzman, who prosecutors say headed the Sinaloa Cartel while Chapo was behind bars, was killed in prison in Mexico in 2008.

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