Elaborate smash and grab at Tiffany’s includes van smashing storefront, moped escape

Police in London are asking the public to help identify suspects who reportedly smashed a van through a Tiffany’s storefront, swiped a still-unknown quantity of baubles and escaped on mopeds.

The incident, in one of the city’s ritziest districts, occurred around 3 a.m. local time, authorities said.

Metropolitan police arrived at Sloane Street after reports that a van, accompanied by riders on mopeds, had blasted into the shop’s storefront, authorities told ABC News.

“All those involved then fled,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. “The transit van was left at the scene. No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue.”

Pictures from the scene taken this morning show the Tiffany’s storefront nearly entirely collapsed following the raid.

In 2018, police told ABC News, there were 13,721 crimes committed using scooters or mopeds in London, approximately 38 per day. The previous year, police reported 23,477 such offenses.

The Metropolitan Police credit stronger police work, including a controversial new “ramming” tactic, which has resulted in two potential lawsuits due to injury.

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