Elon Musk insists he won’t take any Covid-19 vaccine – and nor will his kids

Elon Musk has said he will not get himself inoculated with a coronavirus vaccine when one becomes available.

The Tesla and SpaceX business magnate has been an outspoken critic of enforced lockdowns during the pandemic, saying they are “unethical” and “de facto house arrest”.

Back in March, Musk tweeted to his 39 million followers that the "coronavirus panic is dumb".

This week, the Covid-19 death toll passed one million worldwide with over 33 million cases having been recorded.

The SpaceX founder has said that instead of insisting that everyone self-isolate regardless of the state of their own health, “anyone who is at risk” should be “quarantined until the storm passes”.

And now Musk, who is now the third richest person in the world worth a staggering $115 billion (£85 billion), has said he won't get vaccinated against the deadly virus as he and his family are "not at risk".

Musk made the claims when he appeared as a guest on the New York Times opinion podcast, Sway, hosted by Kara Swisher.

When Swisher said that an even higher death toll could result from choosing not to engage in social distancing, Musk simply replied: “Everybody dies".

"This is a no-win situation. It has diminished my faith in humanity this whole thing [because] of the irrationality of people in general."

Asking if he would get a vaccine, Musk bluntly replied "no", adding: “I’m not at risk, neither are my kids.”

According to the 49-year-old, SpaceX “didn’t skip a day” throughout the whole pandemic.

In May the company successfully carried out its Falcon 9 rocket launch, taking its first-ever crewed mission to the International Space Station.

“We had national security clearance because we were doing national security work,” Musk said. “We sent astronauts to the Space Station and back.”

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