Emmanuel Macron bid to succeed Angela Merkel in EU ridiculed ‘No one wants to follow him!’

Macron 'not capable' of leading EU says expert

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Mr Diesan, a European political commentator, has dismissed French President Mr Macron’s chances of replacing Mrs Merkel as the guiding force in Europe. Mr Diesan was invited onto RT’s CrossTalk discussion show to debate whether Mr Macron would be able to step into the German stateswoman’s shoes after Ms Merkel stood down in December. Mr Diesan argued the French President was unlikely to secure France’s position at the helm of Europe. 

Mr Diesen told Russia Today’s CrossTalk show: “I can definitely see why [Macron] believes he can take over leadership because Germany is running into some economic difficulties now, and it’s own political problems with the departure of Merkel.

“Macron also has certain ideas in terms of you know, creating an EU army which would make France the obvious leader within the EU by having a more militarised EU.

“However, the problem is always that Macron wants to be a leader, but nobody really wants to follow him.

“So I think that his policies are more focused on French leadership within the EU as opposed to a clearer vision of how the EU as a whole can regain its relevance in the world.”

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The professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway continued: “So if we say, well, I’m not seeing any great ideas or at least a great idea that is able to push forward in terms of establishing greater technological sovereignty and competitiveness within the EU.

“Also, the foreign policy I mean, he’s been making suggestions perhaps the EU should start to patch things up with Russia but it is never able to move anywhere.

“And again, I think this is the main difficulty the main problem because it’s not able to give any clear benefits for the EU, only the last case now with this Nord Stream 2 for example.

“it’s allowing, well, the US as well as the Europeans to obstruct this pipeline simply convincing the Russians that they should shift their gas to Asia.”

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“So as a consequence, EU industries will not be competitive against Asians in the future,” he added.

“So  I don’t see him being able to make the EU irrelevant by doing what’s needed to be done.”

It comes as France sets a new daily record of Covid cases with 208,000 new infections recorded over the past 24 hours. 

The country has already been facing the highest case rate in Europe.

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Despite record cases number, French Prime Minister Jean Castex has stuck to relatively mild measures.

Large gatherings have been capped while eating and drinking on public transport has been banned.

The French Government has stopped short of closing pubs and bars ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Mr Castex told a press conference on Monday: “I know that it feels like a film without ending, but a year ago we started our vaccination campaign and now we are one of the best vaccinated and best-protected people in the world.”

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