Emmanuel Macron could be recruited by ‘globalists’ and copy Tony Blair if ousted in 2022

Globalists will 'find use' for Macron says Dr Niall McCrae

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Contributor of the Bruges Group think tank, Dr Niall McCrae, told Express.co.uk he thinks Emmanuel Macron will remain in politics if he loses the 2022 French presidential election. He argues while he may be a figure of “derision” in his country, he could mimic what Tony Blair or Gordon Brown have done which is set up organisations that apply political pressure from the outside. Dr McCrae added he fears Mr Macron, who has been noticeably critical of the UK, could remain a thorn in the country’s side for years to come.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Dr McCrae was asked what he thinks will happen to Mr Macron if he loses the 2022 election and whether he will continue to remain in politics.

He agreed, stating: “I do think the globalists will find a use for him, I do, just like they found a use for Gordon Brown who has become more involved in the international stage.

“So I think politicians can be figures of derision or hate in their own democratic nations but if they are seen to be good operatives for the globalists then they will be quite busy.

“I think Macron has got talents but I think he has a long future ahead of him.”

Mr Brown has made several appearances on major news networks calling for vaccine equity to tackle coronavirus.

He told broadcasters that 100 million vaccines could go out of date and will be thrown away unless they are shared with developing countries.

Mr Brown was reciting research from Airfinity which found large stockpiles of vaccines in richer countries may go to waste.

Tony Blair also heads up the Institute for Global Change where he called on the Government at the beginning of the year to publish more data on the efficacy of vaccines to dispel anti-vax sentiments.

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Director of Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, who was also interviewed disagreed with Dr McCrae and believed the “immature” behaviour of Mr Macron would not entice him to anyone.

Instead, Mr Oulds argued Mr Macron may be snapped up by the private sector like former Prime Minister David Cameron and suggested his government contacts would be the only thing people would want from him.

According to Politico’s poll of polls, Mr Macron leads with 23 percent compared to Marine Le Pen’s 17 percent.

However, outsider Eric Zemmour has been creeping up the polls and sits with 13 percent.


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Mr Macron has been a big supporter of the European Union and has been extremely antagonistic towards the UK since Brexit.

The French president downplayed the efficacy of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine by calling it “quasi-ineffective” for the older population.

Mr Macron also backed plans to ban UK travellers from visiting Europe over concerns of COVID-19 variants.

French authorities have also threatened to cut power to Jersey as disputes over French fishing licences boil over. 

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