Emu dies ‘from stress’ after being chased by police in Barcelona

Escaped emu dies ‘from stress’ after being chased through the streets by police on motorbikes in Barcelona

  • Emu escaped from unknown owner in commuter town north of Barcelona
  • Police were seen chasing the large bird on motorbikes through town
  • After being caught and held down, the emu reportedly died from stress 

Spanish police accidentally killed an escaped emu after chasing the animal through the streets of a Barcelona commuter town.

The emu reportedly died ‘from stress’ after being followed by police on motorbikes, who later pinned it down on a street corner.

Video footage shows the panicking bird run down a one-way street in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a town some 12.5miles north of Barcelona on Wednesday afternoon.

Chasing bird: Video shows police officers chasing down the escaped emu down a street in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a commuter town some 12.5miles north of Barcelona

A photo from the scene shows laughing policemen holding the bird down while still alive.

The second photograph shows the dead bird covered in a foil blanket as officers stand around it. 

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It is not known where the emu may have come from, but it is possible it escaped from a farm or an animal park. 

Local animal right activists have asked the local council to investigate where the animal came from and if the owner had the legal right to keep the emu.

Runaway: It is not known where the emu may have escaped from, it is possible it was owned by a farm or an animal park

Caught: A photo shows the police officers, one of whom appears to be laughing, holding the bird down on a street corner

Tragic end: The dead bird is seen lying on the pavement, covered in a foil blanket

Representatives from the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals [PACMA] questioned what an emu, which is native to Australia, was doing in the Barcelona commuter town.

PACMA is also demanding that local police receive training in how to safely capture and retrieve escaped wild animals which may not naturally occur in the area.  

The Emu is the largest bird in australia and the second-largest on the planete, after the ostrich.

It is flightless and have instead developed very strong legs, enabling it to run up to 30 miles per hour if need be.

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