English Montreal School Board meeting gets tense as chair issues apology

It was a tense start to the English Montreal School Board’s monthly meeting on Wednesday as chair Angela Mancini apologized for a series of ethics code breaches.

Mancini was ordered by the ethics commissioner in December to apologize for being rude and interrupting director-general Ann Marie Matheson during an in-camera meeting last March.

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Mancini began the February 20 meeting by saying she was sorry and that she had not intended to offend also noting that her comments were poorly received.

Vice-chair Joe Ortona immediately contested Mancini’s apology, saying that the chair minimized the mea culpa.

The back and forth continued in front of stunned parents who were waiting to hear about the future of their overcrowded elementary school.

Despite a few jabs back and forth the meeting managed to continue.

It is just the latest incident in what has been years of infighting at the EMSB.

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