Erbil airport hit by mortar shells, Iraqi Kurdish security sources say

Erbil: At least three mortar shells landed near Erbil International Airport in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq without causing any casualties, Kurdish Peshmerga sources said on Monday.

A Reuters reporter heard several blasts and saw a fire blazing for a few minutes in the vicinity of the airport. One security official said the total number of mortars fired was five.

One shell hit near a residential area in Erbil.

It was not immediately clear if a US military base housing US troops near the airport was the target of the attack.

Security officials said the Erbil airport was shut down and flights were halted for safety issues.

One of the shell fell near a residential area and three people were wounded, Kurdish security officials said.

Video footage aired on local televisions showed damaged vehicles and shattered glass covering an area where one mortar shell fell.

No group claimed immediate responsibility for the attack.

On September 30, six Katyusha rockets fell near Erbil airport, an attack which the Iraqi Kurdistan’s counterterrorism service blamed on Iran-backed Iraqi Shiite militia groups.


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