Eric Trump launches desperate plea as Donald’s son ‘not a Trump’

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In recent days Eric, 36, has offered impassioned speeches in defence of what he and his family view as an injustice to President Donald Trump. The incumbent lost the US election to the Democrat’s Joe Biden. Both the President’s and his family’s reaction was nothing short of monumental: unproven claims of fraud, cheating, as well as myriad other things that led to the Republican’s defeat.

Eric appeared on television shortly after it was announced that his father had lost and launched into a tirade over unproven claims of “fraud” from the Democrats – a rare sight for those familiar with the Trump family as Eric has existed mostly on the fringes.

Fans of the Trump brand have now called on the President’s children, Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka to run in the 2024 election.

Yet, as revealed in a 2017 interview with Eric, should he run, those fans may not get what they hope for.

It was in City & State magazine that Eric, along with countless of those close to him, spoke about his personal life.

After talking to a handful of those who studied at the prestigious Hill School, many described him as separate to the family brand.

As the magazine explained: “Classmates remember a gangly, blonde-haired boy that most often wore an old baseball cap, a crew neck shirt under a black fleece, and well-worn khakis. It was easy to forget his last name. At Hill, they say, Eric was not a Trump, he was just Eric.”

This appeared to be furthered later on after Eric divulged his love of woodwork in school, and said: “I loved building. I was in woodshop any free minute that I had. It’s still my passion in the world.”

It was something his classmates agreed on.

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Yet, this passion didn’t fit the Trump brand.

As friend Danielle Arnold said: “I remember feeling kind of sad that he really can’t pursue his own dreams. There’s no reality in which he would become a woodworker.

“I wonder – because I care about him, obviously – who would he be if he wasn’t in this family? Would he choose to be doing what he’s doing?”

Meanwhile, President Trump is clinging on to the hope that his courtroom battles bring him to the Supreme Court.


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Already he has launched lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.

Lawsuits elsewhere, for example, in Michigan, have been dismissed by judges.

Recounts have been called for in other states, such as Wisconsin.

Yet it is unclear when this recount would take place.

The state’s deadline for recounts is November 17.

Recounts are notoriously ineffective.

There was a recount in Wisconsin in 2016 which, noted Columbia University Law School professor Richard Briffault to the BBC, “changed about a hundred votes”

The President has been most vocal on Twitter.

Several of his tweets have been red-flagged by the social media giant.

For example, his assertion that “Pennsylvania prevented us from watching much of the Ballot count. Unthinkable and illegal in this country.”

Election experts have since confirmed to the Associated Press and Reuters that voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly “rare” and unlikely in the US.

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