EU chaos: COVID-19 exposed ‘flaws’ in bloc as euroscepticism soars in ONE nation

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The political commentator told that there has been a rise of euroscepticism in Italy because of the coronavirus crisis. Mr Dale added that European Union’s response to the pandemic has been lamentable and has benefitted the richer northern-European countries within the trading bloc.

Mr Dale said: “COVID-19 has exposed flaws within every system of Government in individual countries but especially the EU.

“In theory the EU does not have jurisdiction over health policy but when you look at the opinion polls in Italy the EU came bottom with 4 percent.

“This has led to a huge rise in euroscepticism in Italy, I don’t know about other countries, but I suspect so as well.

“Because the response has been lamentable and yet again it all seems to be to the benefit of the richer northern-European countries rather than to the benefit of those countries that need it help.

“Italians feel let down, Spanish people feel let down by the EU because it is very difficult to think of what they have done.”

He added: “They launched a rescue package but where is that money going to go? How is it going to be allocated?

“Is it actually going to go to the countries that really need it?”

Last week Brexit activist Emily Hewertson slammed the European Union’s “take” approach after the trade bloc failed to support some of its nations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Hewertson told that the European Union only serves its own self-interests and highlighted the lack of support Italy received during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Conservative Party member stated that Italy was put in an appalling position by the EU and that the nation was not given help when it desperately needed it. 

Ms Hewertson said: “What COVID has exposed for the EU is that when you need the EU they won’t give.

“However, when the EU needs you, they will take, take, take.

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“I think we have really seen that in Italy.

“Italy was put in an appalling position by the EU, when it really needed help from EU nations it just wasn’t given it.

“Germany was essentially hoarding ventilators, while thousands of Italians were dying.

“It was absolutely shocking and I think it does show that the EU does work on its own interests.”

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