Eurocrats must offer UK a good trade deal soon – or British voters will refuse to hand over £39bn ‘divorce bill’, Brexit Secretary warns

Dominic Raab, speaking to European newspapers, says we've done enough compromising and now the EU must move or they won't get our money.

Speaking ahead of talks in Brussels by the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier today he said people in the UK simply won't accept handing over the cash otherwise.

It comes as EU Council boss Donald Tusk is set to propose a special leaders summit in November to try and finalise a withdrawal agreement.

Speaking to WELT and other continental media, Mr Raab said: “We made compromises and showed flexibility.

“We now have to see that from the European side too. We have been very pragmatic. Now is the moment that the other side is doing too.”

Mr Barnier’s briefing comes ahead of Theresa May and her EU counterparts heading to Salzburg for an informal meeting of with the hope of finally ironing out the issues which still stand between them and a deal.

But Mr Raab reiterated the Prime Minister’s position that the UK is willing to walk away if the offer is not good enough, with the wrangle over the Irish border still ongoing.

He said: "We always said that a no deal is better than a bad deal. We will not allow the negotiations to lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom.”

And the Cabinet minister is calling on Brussels to finally relent and offer the UK a better offer, saying: “We should not postpone directional decisions.

“The political statement must be a kind of counterbalance to the exit agreement, as many citizens in the UK will find it detrimental, especially the cash payments.

“In the political statement, we must determine the direction in which we will move in the future.  Otherwise it will be difficult to get the necessary support from our Parliament and the citizens."

It comes as the EU is insisting on cast iron guarantees the UK will not try and alter the terms of its Brexit deal – after Michael Gove’s comments at the weekend.

The Environment Secretary said a future PM could “choose to alter” the relationship between Britain and the EU.

Confidential diplomatic notes revealed by The Times show Brussels is preparing to demand Mrs May makes “credible” assurances any deal will not be unpicked by her successor.

A meeting of senior EU ambassadors in Brussels saw Mr Barnier and his deputy Sabine Weyand reportedly say they will insist on a binding agreement.

Amid suspicions on the continent the UK will agree to commitments now in the tope of getting a grade deal and then revrsing them down the line, the note of the meeting recorded that Ms Weyand added: “We [the EU] will need credible political promises from the UK.”

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