Eurostar chaos as power failure causes trains to stop at entrance to tunnel

Passengers have endured a day of misery on the Eurostar today thanks to a power failure which left some stuck at the entrance to the Eurotunnel.

Four services to and from London were cancelled, and many more face long delays, with customers voicing their fury.

A problem with the overhead power supply in the Eurotunnel has been blamed, and the disruption has caused chaos at St Pancras International in London.

On top of that, the Eurostar area at Paris Gare du Nord had be evacuated because of unattended luggage.

Although both the station and the tunnel have now re-opened, services continue to be disrupted.

One furious customer wrote on Twitter: "I’ve never seen a situation so badly handled! There was no microphone, your staff was shouting instructions to a crowd of hundreds, providing contradicting information and occasionally yelling at people who were rightly frustrated!! What a joke!!!"

Eurostar tweeted earlier: "We apologise to customers travelling between the UK and the continent today. Due to a problem with the overhead power supply in the Eurotunnel, our services are currently stopped at the entrance of the Eurotunnel."

It later confirmed that two trains, between 12.58pm and 3.31pm had been cancelled.

One was supposed to go from London to Brussels, one from London to Paris, one from Brussels to London and one from Paris to London.

Eurostar tweeted this afternoon: "Our sincere apologies for the severe and ongoing disruption affecting services today. Given anticipated delays are in excess of an hour, passengers will be able to obtain a free-exchange – and therefore postpone."

It has warned of knock-on delays for the rest of the day.

Customers have shared their anger on social media.

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