Evil Mexican cartel forces recruits to eat enemies’ body parts in sick ritual

A Mexican drug cartel is forcing its newest members to eat their enemies body parts while filming it as part of a method of intimidation, it has been reported.

Recruits of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel have been pressured into cannibalism and have even been made to feast on their enemies hearts.

The cartel records its members tearing into their rivals' organs in a bid to prove the extent of their threats, by sending a message of dominance.

The CJNG gang are known to be one of the most powerful cartels in the country and controls at least 35 states over Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Gang leader Nemesio 'El Mencho' Oseguera Cervantes decided to start incorporating cannibalism, with disturbing images being uploaded online.

Images feature a cartel member bending over the corpse of a rival gangster from the Sinaloa cartel, which was previously run by notorious drug lord El Chapo.

The victim's chest appeared to have been torn open as the gang member took a bite out of the man's heart before he pretended to offer the dead rival a taste.

Dr Robert Bunker, an expert on Mexican cartels, told the Daily Beast: "Given its warning to other Mayo Zambada gunmen, the video has clearly been produced for PSYOPS [psychological operations] purposes by the CJNG unit involved in the incident who then uploaded it to social media."

The Jalisco initiation introduced cannibalism around 2015 and forced new members to eat raw human hearts at "terror schools."

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Alfredo Castillo, Michoacan's federal security commissioner, denied the vile practice was widespread at the time but did admit there were testimonies implying that heart-eating was part of an initiation to test men's loyalty.

"The ritual ranged from dismembering people they intended to kill to sometimes serving up the heart," he commented at the time.

New recruits are taught to severe fingers as part of an interrogating technique and do not have to eat human flesh until it reaches a period of three to four months.

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Later on down the line, they are given the approval to move on to bigger body parts once they pass the first human flesh test.

A former CJNG member described what is expected of them and said: "They are given a choice of one of those pieces to eat in front of the boss.

"You have to do it without reacting or vomiting or you are beaten. If you didn’t want to [eat human flesh] they wouldn’t let you leave, they had you there."

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