Ex-Green Beret in middle of failed Venezuela coup to get Maduro ‘desperately wanted multimillion dollar bounty’ – The Sun

AN ex-Green Beret behind a failed coup to "kidnap or kill" Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was allegedly "desperate" for the $15 million bounty.

Canadian-American soldier Jordan Guy MacDonald Goudreau was an "opportunist…desperate to monetize his combat experience after he left the service," according to a source who spoke to The New York Post.

Last week, Venezuela Luke Denman and Airan Berry were captured while "playing Rambo" as they attempted to storm a beach with a group of other men before dawn on Sunday, May 3.

The man claimed he was behind the plot, Jordan Goudreau, 43, said he was working with the two US citizens in a mission called "Operation Gideon" and claims to have served with them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said: "The main mission was to liberate Venezuela, to capture Maduro, but the mission in Caracas failed.

"The secondary mission is to set up insurgency camps against Maduro.

"They are already in camps, they are recruiting and we are going to start attacking tactical targets."

Goudreau said the operation had been agreed with opposition leader Guaido who signed a contract on October 16 for payment of $212million.

Guaido's office deny any contact with him, but the former soldier has accused them of "lying" as he claims he only received $50,000.

The Post reports Cuban spies had tracked the 43-year-old for months while he trained a small cadre of combatants in Colombia.

Goudreau himself bizarrely tweeted President Trump the day after Denman and Berry were captured.

On May 3 he wrote: "Strikeforce incursion into Venezuela. 60 Venezuelan, 2 American ex Green Beret @realDonaldTrump”

He also praised the botched op, and claimed there numerous "cells" still active and poised to attack Maduro.

Speaking to Factores de Poder, a Miami-based YouTube channel he said: “I’ve got troops in the field.

“I’ve been a freedom fighter my whole life. These people have a right to fight for their country.”

But friends say rather than freedom, Goudrea's motive was the money – a $15 million reward from the State Department for the capture of Maduro, after he was indicted on drug trafficking charges in Manhattan federal court in March.

One anonymous source said: "Goudreau was clearly after the money and to promote his new security company.

"But the whole thing was incredibly amateurish. We’re still trying to piece it together. This was no coup, not even close.”

The source also claims the wannabe GI Joe is also now under federal investigation for arms trafficking in Colombia.

The "incredible" soldier's military career ended in 2016 after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he went on to run his own security firm.

But a pal reports by 2018 the ex-soldier had racked up debts of $100,000 after launching a business aimed at preventing school shootings and going through a costly divorce.

However, in an interview Goudreau has said he continues to work on the coup despite not receiving a "single cent" from opposition leader Guaido.

But another friend, who praised Goudreau's fighting spirit said it's no surprise the military man is plowing ahead with the mission.

The friend, named as Frank Riley, said: "He’s well trained and has a heart for people. He would give his life for his country.”

He added: "He’s not a red tape kind of guy.

“He’s the right man for the job and he’s used to doing things on his own. He doesn’t wait for anyone to help him.”

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