Ex-Paras turn up to guard Army veteran Brexit Party voter, 81, attacked with milkshake at European elections polling station

A BREXIT Party-supporting pensioner soaked with milkshake outside a polling station was given a guard of honour by two paratroopers.

Don MacNaughton, 81, an Armed Forces veteran who was drenched in the drink by a "childish" yob, was later flanked by two burly Paras as he campaigned in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The vets, wearing regimental T-shirts, were spotted supporting Mr MacNaughton, also an ex-Paratrooper, yesterday evening as he helped voters in the European Elections.

Brexit Party supporter Paul Chapman posted a picture of the three men together on Twitter with the caption: “Don, joined by a couple of supporters from the #airborne brotherhood.”

The touching snap was retweeted more than 9,000 times with people congratulating the Paras on standing by Mr MacNaughton’s side.

The OAP was left covered in a strawberry milkshake, days after Nigel Farage was drenched in a similar attack.

If he had an argument with me I would have been more than happy to debate with him, but instead he chose to assault me

Mr MacNaughton was filmed in the aftermath of the incident – which is now being investigated by police.

He said: "Somebody came across the street to the polling station and he gave me the finger.

"He then started giving me verbal abuse and ran off.

"I didn't hear the abuse because I was laughing at him.

"Ten minutes later he came back with a milkshake, and he threw it over me.

"I again just curled up laughing, I didn't mind because it was my favourite flavour.

"Obviously this fellow was just copying what happened to Nigel Farage.

"He was in his early 20s -it's very childish of him.

I think it is absolutely appalling, but unsurprising. What is clear is the Parachute Regiment will not be deterred by fanatical Remainers

"If he had an argument with me I would have been more than happy to debate with him, but instead he chose to assault me.

"The silly man hasn't put me off campaigning, heck no.

"He has cemented the iron will, I'm going to keep fighting on."

Brexit Party founder Farage called the veteran to check he was OK as The Sun Online spoke to Don this afternoon.

After speaking to Don, Farage told us: "I think it is absolutely appalling, but unsurprising.

"What is clear is the Parachute Regiment will not be deterred by fanatical Remainers.

"When leading figures in public life refuse to respect the referendum then they have radicalised Remainers."


Mr MacNaughton, a widower, moved to the UK from Canada in 1960 and served in the Paras until 1982.

He settled in Aldershot with his wife and wrote two books on his service, They Stood in the Door and They Stayed a Soldier.

The published author said he has long opposed the European Union as he believes it will one day bring about a European army.

He said: "I've supported leaving the EU for many many years.

"The EU are a dictatorial regime, they are unelected.

"My big concern, which is what I've heard, is that in a years time the EU plan on taking control of the British armed forces – and that's not on.

"Apparently it was because Gordon Brown signed up our armed forces as part of the Lisbon Treaty."

Hampshire Police said they are now hoping to speak to Mr MacNaughton about the attack.

A Hampshire Police spokesman: “We received a report at 10.06am from a third party about an assault on a man in his 80s at North Lane, Aldershot.

“We are investigating the incident and are trying to make contact with the victim.”


Brexit Party boss Farage slammed the attack on Twitter, writing: "Yet more disgusting behaviour. When democracy fails, civility ends. Let's get Brexit done and finish this."

Farage later added that he had spoken to Mr MacNaughton's son and the ex-paratrooper remained "undeterred" by the milkshake incident.

Whatever you are voting, it’s a democracy. We should be able to have a say without acts of violence


Farage was drenched in a milkshake as he campaigned in Newcastle earlier this week.

He later raged at his security team after Corbyn fan Paul Crowther slung a salted caramel drink over him in front of jeering bystanders.

Farage also reportedly refused to get off campaign bus in Kent on Wednesday night after people gathered round it carrying milkshakes.

Later the Brexit Party leader's spokesman denied he was hiding on the top deck.

He said: "Nigel did media interviews on top of the campaign open-top bus and then got off to mix with supporters afterwards, taking photographs and signing boards.

"Suggestions that he hid on board the bus are simply not true."

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