Ex-Raiders star Bruce Campbell accused of fighting in Walmart brawl and suffering 'broken jaw' – but it wasn't him

EX-RAIDERS star Bruce Campbell has been mistaken for a Walmart customer who was engulfed in a brawl which reportedly left him with a broken jaw. 

The former Raiders O-lineman has set the record straight, insisting "No, that was not me". 

The clip, which emerged last night and went viral, shows a video of a man that was claimed to be Campbell being battered in a Walmart.

It is unclear what sparked it but essentially the brawl unfolded after the man gestures toward someone behind the counter while yelling "do something, motherf***er".

Another man comes from behind the counter and squares up to him. 

The instigator throws the first punch, but he was then knocked to the ground.

A Twitter user by the name of @TheFakeAlbertinitially shared the clip of the man in question getting into an altercation at the store, writing: “BREAKING: ex #Raiders offensive tackle Bruce Campbell involved in altercation. Was taken to hospital with a broken jaw. Wow. #RaiderNation."

After the video went viral, it was erroneously reported by various sites that it was Campbell who was hurt in the altercation.

But Campbell told TMZ he was certainly not involved in the fracas. 

The 32-year-old said: "As you can see right now, I'm just enjoying fatherhood."

He added: "That definitely hurts my potential at getting a coaching job anywhere."

Since being wrongly identified, Campbell says he's been bombarded with messages online and received calls from people concerned about him. 

But fans of the Raiders were quick to notice that it was not Campbell in the clip, with one commenting: "That's not really Bruce Campbell."

Another replied: "Nope …Campbell has tattoos.  Almost a full sleeve on his left arm."

A third chimed in, writing: “yeah i was like this dnt look like him.false post."

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