Ex-soldier in ­Prince Harry and William’s regiment dies of coronavirus

A former British soldier who served in the same regiment as ­Princes Harry and William has died from coronavirus, according to reports.

Former trooper Ryan Cartwright, 36, succumbed to the contagion as he was planning a return into the Army, friends told The Sun. The dad had no known pre-existing conditions, the report said.

Cartwright served in Bosnia in 2002 during his four years in the Blues and Royals, the same cavalry regiment Harry and William joined in 2006.

“He was one in a million … God only picks the best that’s why he chose Ryan,” one former serviceman told The Sun.

Cartwright had been working as a truck driver, recently writing on Facebook about the coronavirus lockdown, “I can’t stay home, I’m a trucker.” No details were given on how he became infected or when he died.

Among online tributes, friends recalled his eagerness to serve again. “He only messaged me a few months ago telling me he was getting back in. I’m shocked. RIP Ryan,” Sam Hopes wrote in a Facebook tribute, according to the report.

The Blues and Royals is a cavalry regiment in the British Army that was formed in 1969, with Queen Elizabeth II its Colonel-in-Chief. Her two grandsons, Harry and William, both joined in 2006, with Harry serving in Afghanistan, getting promoted to Lieutenant in 2008. The pair have continued to proudly wear their frockcoat uniforms.

Kensington Palace declined to comment, The Sun said.

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