Exclusive video shows Car2Go speeding moments before crash that killed Vancouver cab driver

Exclusive new video is helping shed light on a horrific crash that left a Vancouver taxi driver dead.

Surveillance videos obtained by Global News from businesses on East Hastings Street show a white ShareNow/Car2Go vehicle speeding eastbound at 3:17 a.m.

Seconds later, a police car can be seen pulling a U-turn after seeing the vehicle flash by at more than twice the legal speed limit.

Global News has confirmed that the smart car was travelleing in excess of 120 km/hr before it is believed to have turned south on Renfrew Street, where police lost sight of the vehicle.

Moments later, 28-year-old Sanehpal Singh Randhawa was killed when his Yellow Cab was hit by a speeding ShareNow vehicle in the intersection of East 1st Avenue and Renfrew.

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