Family forced to flee their home after broad daylight arson attack

An 11-year-old boy was left screaming in terror when his family garden went up in flames following a broad daylight arson attack.

Harrowing video footage, taken by the family themselves, captures the terror as they spot a huge blaze engulfing their much-loved garden and edging closer to their home.

As the inferno rages high into the sky from a burning tree, the mum can be heard shouting ‘get out, get out, get out’.

Father-of-two, Paul Sargant beckons his son informing him that "it’s all gone up" as smoke and raining debris fills the back garden.

His 11-year-old boy then screams in horror as he comes face to face with the garden blaze, reports Birmingham Live .

The family begin to panic, desperate to flee, as the fire spreads further towards their home in Birmingham.

His son then shouts "don’t leave me in here, dad we need to go, the shed’s on fire. The house is almost on fire!"

The cries of Paul’s seven-year-old daughter, who has several disabilities, can be heard throughout the harrowing video.

The dramatic footage ends as his son adds ‘we’re going’.

Speaking to Birmingham Live after the devastating arson attack on Sunday (May 13), heartbroken Paul said: "We are all shaken up. My son is in severe shock he has been sick and had no sleep at all.

"My daughter just keeps repeating the word ‘fire’ they are both very quiet today and lots of tears.

"We are all shocked by the extent of the damage.

"Me and my wife are angry because of the hard work that went into making our garden a safe place for my daughter. The fencing, shed, artificial grass, the kids’ trampoline – it’s all ruined.

"It’s all been taken away and now our children can no longer play out.

"Whoever it started in next door’s garden and spread to the neighbour on the other side.

"A fire accelerant of some kind must of been used as it happened so quickly I was actually in the shed when it happened.

"Luckily enough I have a outside tap which I used my garden hose on the fire while my wife and kids left the house."

West Midlands Police have since launched an investigation after arsonists torched the garden and fled the scene.

A statement from the force read: "It is believed that the rear garden fence and front porch of a property in Milston Close, Druids Heath was set alight at some time between 2.10pm and 2.30pm, before the offenders made off.

"There was significant damage done to the property and surrounding properties.

"Fortunately no-one was injured in the attack.

West Midlands Fire Service confirmed they attended the home and that a fire was treated as ‘suspicious’.

A spokesperson for the service said: "We were called to reports of a garden fence, trees and hedges on fire at Millston Close at 2.25pm.

"We sent one appliance from Billesely Fire. On arrival a second fire was spotted and was treated as suspicious. Police were then called."

Police urged anyone has any information, to contact police on 101 quoting crime reference number 20BW/106270A/18.

Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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