Father loses 12 stone in 12 months to honour daughter’s dying wish

Father, 56, loses 12 stone in 12 months after promising his dying daughter, 29, he would lose weight to look after her three children

  • Mike Summers lost his daughter Sarah to breast cancer aged just 29 in 2016 
  • She left behind three children and wanted him to be a grandfather to them 
  • He started out at 26st 9lb in August 2018 and is now 14st 7lb – losing st a month 

A father lost 12 stone in 12 months to honour his daughter’s dying wish for him to lose weight and be a proper grandfather to her children.

Mike Summers, 56, lost his 29-year-old daughter Sarah to breast cancer in 2016. 

During their last conversation, she made him promise to get into shape so he could be there for her three children.

After two years, and at 26st 9lb, Mr Summers was ready to go about keeping the promise he made in August 2018.

One year later he is 12st lighter – losing a pound a month to reach 14st 7lb this summer. 

Before and after: Mike Summers, of South Wales, is pictured at 26st 6lb (left) in 2018 and 14st 7lb (right) this year

Mr Summers’s daughter Sarah (pictured) died of breast cancer aged just 29 in 2016 

Mr Summers, of Caerphilly, South Wales, said: ‘The last conversation I had with my daughter was I had to try and be around to help my son in law with her kids.

‘I was being selfish. It is only when I lost my daughter did I realise that if something happened to me, I would be leaving everyone else behind.

‘The reason why I have done this is not for my own personal gain, but for everybody.

‘My goal was to make sure I could be around for my family and you could not get a better motivation than that.’

Mr Summers joined Slimming World this time last year and has managed to lose a total of 12st 3lb so far.   

Before he started his weight loss journey he would eat several pasties for breakfast, multiple sandwiches for lunch and a takeaway for dinner.

With extra snacks and sugary drinks during the day, he knew he was putting his health at risk and needed to change. 

During their last conversation, Sarah made her father (pictured with wife Deborah) promise to get into shape so he could be there for her three children

He still suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that reduces lung capacity and makes it difficult to breathe.   

He also has an atrial fibrillation of the heart , which causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate. 

At one point last year he was rushed to hospital because of the strain his weight was putting on his body.  

He added: ‘With the COPD, the weight was crushing my lungs and it was so straining. 

‘It also meant that my heart had to work a lot harder because I was carrying so much weight.’ 

Despite both conditions being chronic, they are manageable and he is determined to carry on.  

‘Now I have lost all this weight, it has got a thousand times better. I feel fitter now than I did when I was in my 40s.’

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