Father’s blessing to bride and groom touches hearts of millions  

Emotional wedding speech given by a Taiwanese bride’s father to his son-in-law makes millions cry

  • 62-year-old father in Taiwan moved millions online with his touching words
  • Mr Yeh told his daughter’s fiancé to love her and stay with her until they’re old
  • He shed tears of love as he gave his daughter away at a traditional ceremony  
  • He is said to be a man of few words but close with all his three daughters

A tear-jerking video showing a Taiwanese father’s blessing to his daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law on her wedding day has touched the hearts of millions.

The bride’s father, said to be a man of few words, was recorded giving a touching speech as the newlyweds knelt in front of him in a traditional Chinese ceremony.

The 62-year-old unfolded a piece of paper that he had kept in his pocket before addressing to his daughter’s fiancé in a dialect.

Mr Yeh, the bride’s father gives out a speech to the newly weds on a wedding in Taiwan (left). He cries in front of the guests when he thinks of giving his daughter away to a man (right)

The father-of-three can be heard saying: ‘I am the first person to hold her, not you.I am the first person to kiss her, not you.  I am the first person to love her, not you.’

Wiping away tears, he continued: ‘But, I hope you are the person that could be with her forever.’   

‘If a day comes,’ the father of the bride said. ‘When you don’t love her anymore, don’t tell her that, tell me instead.’

‘I’ll come and bring her home,’ he ended. 

Everyone present was in tears.

The touching video was filmed by the bride’s younger sister last Monday at the wedding held in southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung city.

The speech was delivered during a tea-serving ceremony, a traditional nuptial ritual which sees couples expressing gratitude to seniors and receiving blessings in return.

The bride, Zheng Wen Yeh, told MailOnline that she didn’t want to say goodbye to her father after the wedding. 

Ms Yeh bursts into tears when her father asks her husband to love her for the rest of the life

The touching wedding ceremony was witnessed by families and friends when the pair tied the knots recently (left). The bride and groom are officially a married couple now (right)

‘I didn’t want to leave him,’ the bride said. ‘I just wanted to stay with him and take care of him for the rest of his life.’

‘I am immensely grateful to my parents,’ she added. ‘I will love and respect my father forever.’

‘My father isn’t highly educated, nor is he a good writer. Sometimes, he even forgets how to write certain characters,’ the bride’s sister Ting Yi Yeh wrote in her Facebook post. 

The sister said although his father’s speech was not an original one, it had left her so touched.  

‘I don’t even know where these beautiful words came from,’ she said. ‘He read these words, scribbled on a piece of paper, from the bottom of his heart,’ she said. 

‘I now realise how much our stubborn father love his three daughters,’ she said. ‘Home will always always our safe haven. I know he will always be there for me.’

Mr Yeh’s tear-jerking speech was uploaded online with millions of views and comments

Mr Yeh, 62, is a strict father with few words but he wrote the speech for his daughter’s wedding

The power of love from a father’s speech has melted hearts of thousands of web users

She said Mr Yeh has always been a strict father with few words. 

‘We weren’t very close to our father,’ she said. 

But that changed four years ago when the three sisters lost their mother.

‘That’s when we started to become closer to our father,’ she said.

The heart-warming footage has been shared more than 41,000 times and viewed nearly three million times on Facebook. 

Web users have left more than 10,000 comments to described how moved they were by the father’s speech.

‘Knowing your family being so supportive and caring is the most touching words to hear at a wedding,’ said one user known as ‘Dai Su-jing’.

‘I cried every time I watched this clip online,’ another user ‘Cara Liao’ commented.

A third user, ‘Lim Ya-ling’, wrote: ‘Your mother and father are always the ones being selfless because they share the love with you no matter what happens.’

Ting Yi Yeh said she didn’t expect such an overwhelming response when she first posted the video; she just wanted to share his father’s love with her friends.

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