Fighter pilot’s daughter, 7, mauled to death by stray dogs as she walked home

A military pilot’s seven-year-old daughter has been mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs as she walked home from a music lesson.

Margarita Kanorskaya – the daughter of decorated air force pilot Major Anton Kanorsky – was ambushed by the animals on a narrow lane on her walk home in the Russian region of TransBaikal.

One of her legs was torn off and her face was mutilated, with some of her clothing found lying in the snow.

Police officers had to drive the canines away in order to get close to her body, which had been dragged onto wasteland.

The girl was Kanorsky’s only child – who was personally honoured by Vladimir Putin for his acts of bravery in Syria – with his wife, a teacher, being rushed to hospital from shock after hearing news of her daughter’s death.

Following little Margarita’s funeral, residents of the village of Domna erupted in protest, over the alleged failure by officials to heed warnings about violent packs of dogs.

TransBaikal’s governor, Alexander Osipov, rushed to Domna to try and pacify the locals.

He said: “It is impossible to put our pain and grief into words. On behalf of the whole region, I express our support to all the child’s family. We will thoroughly investigate the tragedy.”

He warned that Russian laws do not allow local officials to rid communities of stray dogs.

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According to reports, however, locals have responded with vigilante groups sent out to shoot the strays.

A shrine was made at the school where Margarita studied – which is also where her mother teaches.

A local woman in tears said: “What’s the difference now? Even if we take guns or sticks, it won’t bring this child back. She was their only daughter.”

A local teacher said: “I’ve been crying all night long. I was myself attacked by several dogs. I was mauled, and luckily they didn’t touch the children walking back from school just beside me.”

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