‘Filthy’ message scrawled on the back of dirty van surprises onlookers

A "filthy" message scrawled on the back of a dirty van has turned heads and won plaudits online.

A passerby couldn't help but use their finger to draw the message onto the back of the van which was covered in a build up of dirt.

"Single white van seeks single yellow sponge for dirty weekend fun," the person wrote.

A photograph of the racy message was uploaded to Reddit, where it went viral, receiving 3,600 up votes when it was shared in the Casual UK sub-Reddit.

"That's filth, that is. No shame," one person jested in response to the post.

"My fav van graffiti will forever be 'I wish my wife was as dirty as this'.." added another person.

"Don’t get excited ladies… he’s a Sprinter," referencing the model of the Mercedes vehicle.

"Might want to slap a NSFW on that," said another person, referring to the status given to posts on Reddit that are deemed 'not safe for work.'

Dirty-minded Reddit users were also left chuckling at an innocent coconut balloon display at a child's gymnastic event after the decorations looked ruder than intended.

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Instead of looking like the exotic fruit, the brown coloured balloons strike up a rather uncanny resemblance to boobs.

The squirming parent posted a snap of the accidental breast sculpture to Reddit for all to see.

Towering over the gymnastic spectators, the body of the tree was made up of the risqué balloons that had a darker ring at the top and a smaller circle within – which made the ‘coconuts’ appear to have nipples.

One person commented: “The person/people who assembled this surely took a step back and AT LEAST chuckled…. Right?”

Another user laughed: “The areolas are so pretty this time of year.”

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