Fiona Onasanya to stay an MP despite being GUILTY of lying to police

Shamed Labour MP Fiona Onasanya vows to stay on in Parliament and ‘fight against injustice’ just a week after she was found GUILTY of lying to police to avoid a speeding fine

  • Fiona Onasanya, 35, was found to have lied to police to avoid a speeding charge 
  • MP was suspended by Labour Party who called for her to quit after conviction 
  • But in her local newspaper column she vowed to stay on as MP for Peterborough

Shamed Labour MP Fiona Onasanya today vowed to stay in Parliament and ‘fight against injustice’ – just a week after she was convicted of lying to police to avoid a speeding fine.

Ms Onasanya, 35, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice after she colluded with her brother Festus to evade the speeding fine.

The Peterborough MP was suspended by Labour following her conviction and the party urged her to stand down from Parliament.

But in a column for her local paper Ms Onasanya – who compared herself to Jesus to her Labour colleagues after her conviction – pledged to stay as an MP.

And she also failed to even mention her criminal conviction in the extraordinary column for the Peterborough Telegraph.

Instead she bragged about the work she has been doing in Parliament on Brexit and Universal Credit. 

She wrote: ‘It’s an honour to be your voice for change over an incredibly consequential period of British politics. This year, I have been consistently intervening in debates on Brexit in Parliament.

‘There have been many opportunities to do so as this government has continued to falter during negotiations.’

She said she has been calling for reform to the controversial Universal Credit welfare reforms, and to raise concerns a bout the condition of workers at Amazon warehouses.

She added: ‘While it has been a successful year fighting back against these injustices, there is still much more to be done, and you can rest assured that I will continue to do so as your representative in the corridors of power.’

Onasanya was elected as a Labour MP as part of the 2017 general election, which took place just a few weeks before the car was seen speeding

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The remarkable column does not contain a single mention of her conviction at the Old Bailey just over a week ago.

The solicitor turned MP faces being sent to jail – and could be automatically kicked out of Parliament if she is given a sentence of 12 months in prison or longer.

The editor of newspaper, Mark Edwards, defended his decision to run the column despite her conviction for lying to the authorities.

In a note accompanying the column, he wrote: ‘We have been asked why the PT is publishing Fiona Onasanya’s columns following her conviction at the Old Bailey. 

‘The PT offers columns to the two sitting MPs covering Peterborough if they choose to submit one. 

‘While she is still the MP – and therefore the elected representative – we believe it would be wrong to deny our readers the chance to read what she has submitted. 

‘To censor the column would, in my view, be wrong, and in my experience our readers are quite capable of making their own minds up about the columns submitted by local politicians.’ 

The MP, who was elected in June last year, had tried to avoid prosecution for the offence by claiming that her former lodger Aleks Antipow was the driver of the Nissan Micra.

Festus Onasanya (right), the 33-year-old brother of Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, was accused of colluding with his sister (left) to pervert the course of justice

But Mr Antipow was at home with his parents in Russia 1,800 miles away.      

Ms Onasanya had claimed she left the form at her mother’s house and had no idea who was driving the car.

She ‘mistakenly’ claimed she was in London when the speeding ticket was issued – but mobile phone records placed her at the scene.  

But the MP has not apologised and remains unrepentant – even comparing herself to Jesus in leaked WhatsApp messages to her Labour colleague.

She wrote: ‘What I do know is that I am in good biblical company along with Joseph, Moses, Daniel and his three Hebrew friends who were each found guilty by the courts of their day,’ she wrote.

‘While God did not save them from a guilty verdict he did save them in it and ensured that their greatest days of impact were on the other side of a guilty verdict.

‘Of course this is equally true of Christ who was accused and convicted by the courts of his day and yet this was not his end but rather the beginning of the next chapter in his story.’      

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