Firefighters rescue three young men trapped inside tumble dryer

Firefighters in Essex have had to free three men trapped inside an industrial tumble dryer.

Two of the men climbed into the machine at a derelict laundry site.

A third man then tried to crawl in, but his ankles got trapped in the door.

All three ended up stuck inside the dryer at the site in Epping, northeast of London.

Fire crews were called to the scene at 6.35pm on Friday, along with police, a helicopter medical emergency team and the ambulance service.

They eventually managed to rescue the men safely, allowing them to crawl out.

Watch manager Glenn Jackson said: "Our crews, including some relatively new recruits, were excellent and worked really hard in arduous conditions.

"It was a difficult site to access and we had to carry a lot of heavy equipment a large distance from the appliances to the tumble dryer and then use our expertise to free the men safely.

"We used a range of equipment to free the casualty's ankles and allow him to crawl into the tumble dryer.

"The HEMS team gave him pain relief and we then managed to move the door, again using a range of equipment, so the men could crawl out.

"It was a really good joint effort, working with Essex Police, HEMS and HART, to bring the incident to a safe conclusion.”

  • Firefighters called to university house to rescue student trapped in tumble dryer

All three men received treatment from the ambulance service.

The rescue follows a similar one carried out by firefighters after a student in Hull, East York became trapped inside a tumble dryer earlier this month.

Rosie Cole, 21, ended up stuck after being challenged by a housemate to clamber inside.

She initially believed she had "no chance" but found herself wiggling her way into the drum.

The fire brigade ended up having to get her out of it.

She said they "save cats from trees" so would "save students from tumble dryers".

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