First four rescued Thai cave boys ask for spicy basil pork and rice

First four rescued Thai cave boys ask for spicy basil pork and rice after first night in hospital but children have not been able to hug or see their parents yet due to risk of infection

  • Four boys rescued on Sunday are now in hospital undergoing medical tests
  • They have asked for pork stir fry, and are ‘strong and safe’, officials say
  • The rescued football players are Monhkhol Boonpiam, 13, Prajak Sutham, 15, Nattawoot Thakamsai, 14, and Pipat Bodhu, 15
  • Parents will be able to see them, but not touch them until test results come back
  • Eight of their teammates and their coach remain in the cave on Monday 

The four members of a Thai youth football team who were rescued yesterday, after more than two weeks in a cave, are ‘strong and safe’, officials say.

The teenagers woke up ‘hungry’ on Monday morning, and asked for pad kra pao – a pork and holy basil stir fry dish – with rice, the rescue chief told a press conference.

They have not yet been able to see their families due to risk of infections, but a reunion should be taking place in hospital late on Monday. 

An emergency team carries a stretcher believed to be carrying one of the rescued boys from the flooded cave to a waiting helicopter in Mae Sai, Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand

‘They (the four) will be kept away from their parents for a while because we are concerned about infections,’ Narongsak Osottanakorn told reporters, adding doctors will decide on family visits ‘at a distance or through glass.’ 

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‘Doctors have told us we must be careful about the food that is given to them because they are fragile after starving for many days.

‘The doctors are evaluating when the parents and other relatives can visit the boys in hospital. We tell them to come as soon as the doctors give permission.’ 

The three-and-a-half-hour mission, led by expert British divers, saw four children being calmly guided to safety after 15 days of being stuck in their fetid underground prison. 

Lucky escape: Nattawoot Thakamsai, also called Tle, suffers from asthma, and was the third boy to be rescued from the cave on Sunday

The first and the last : Monhkhol Boonpiam, 13, known as Mark, was the first boy to come out of the came, while Pipat Bodhu, 15, aka Nick, was the last

Out: Prajak Sutham, known as Note, was also brought out by the divers on Sunday

Wearing full-face masks, the youngsters swam – for the first time in their lives – through miles of mud-clogged underwater tunnels which claimed the life of an elite Thai navy diver on Friday. 

The first boy out was Monhkhol Boonpiam, 13, known as Mark. The second boy was Prajak Sutham, known as Note.

Number three was Nattawoot Thakamsai, a 14-year-old asthma sufferer whose parents have already lost a baby daughter to cancer.

Lastly came Pipat Bodhu, 15, aka Nick, who was not even in the team but came along as a friend of the goalkeeper.

The foursome were taken to Prachanukroh hospital in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand, where they have undergone a number of tests, x-rays and health checks.

While their parents will be able to see them, they are not allowed to touch or hug them until test results come back, the Guardian reports. 

A nurse walks past an ambulance at a covered area of the Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital in Chiang Rai province, Thailand, where the four teenagers are recovering

Still to come: Eight of their teammates, pictured, and their 25-year-old coach remain in the cave on Monday

‘Visitors will only be allowed to meet and talk to the patients,’ Dr Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong told a local newspaper. 

‘No hugging or touching and they [visitors] need to leave a one to two metre distance from the patients until the results of their blood tests come back.’  

Their eight team mates and 25-year-old coach remain inside the cave, with another four due to be rescued today.

Somboon Sompiangjai, 38, whose son Peerapat, known as Night, is still in the cave, said parents had been told they would not be able to visit their sons once rescued.

‘We have not been told which child has been brought out … We can’t visit our boys in hospital because they need to be monitored for 48 hours,’ Somboon told Reuters.

The football team went missing on June 23, having gone into the caves after Saturday practice to do some exploring, and ended up being trapped by rising flood water.

They were finally found by a team of British divers and have since been receiving oxygen and food while waiting to be brought out. 

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