Fishermen capture and kill huge bull shark before pulling 9 babies from stomach

A group of fishermen tracked down and killed a massive bull shark before pulling nine babies from its stomach.

The four friends were out fishing in the Hastings River in New South Wales, Australia, when they tracked down the huge beast.

Many locals swim and water-ski in the area despite several shark sightings, the Daily Mail reports.

One of the hunters posted pictures of its corpse on Facebook, along with the babies.

One person responded: “Just leave them be for God’s sake.

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“If you really think they're that scary don't go in the water. It's their home, not yours.”

Another wrote that it was “absolutely unnecessary”.

But others commended the fishermen for tracking down the shark.

One said: “Kill em all! Hang em high! You don't want to be swimming in the Hastings river with that thing!”

Another added: “Good one. We'll be better off without it.”

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Last May, hunting angler Joshua Jorgensen and friend Ryan Nitz recorded the moment they pulled a bull shark from an unidentified river in Florida, the US.

The pair had started hunting for the giant creature after spotting a "monstrous mark" days earlier.

In a bid to draw the fish out, Joshua dropped a mutton snapper carcass onto the riverbed and within seconds, the shark took a bite.

But after realising it had become hooked, the powerful creature took off and made the fishermen fight for nearly an hour before they were able to catch it.

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The men climbed out of the boat and stood in the water in a bid to pull the fishing line in closer and free the animal.

The 10ft giant beast’s fin emerged, revealing the gargantuan size of its body.

Ryan screamed: “There she is. Whoa, watch out dude, that’s 400lbs.”

Bull sharks are considered by many experts as the most dangerous sharks in the world.

They are found in many types of habitat, are territorial by nature and have virtually no tolerance for provocation.

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