Fishermen wowed by giant humpback whale twice the size of boat in UK bay

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    A 25-year-old fisherman has opened up about what it was like filming a rare humpback whale in British waters.

    The rare mammal was spotted by Cornish fishermen Anthony Rawph and James Tanner, who filmed the amazing footage yesterday (23 January) afternoon at 5pm in Carbis Bay, near St Ives.

    James claims the whale was “double the size” of his 18-foot long boat, and popped up to the surface just a metre away from him while he and Anthony were fishing for mackerel.

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    “Then, just like that, it was gone again and swam back out of the bay again. It was a pretty special moment”, he said.

    James, who says he’s been fishing since he was 15 years old, said that none of the fishermen he spoke to in St Ives had ever seen a humpback whale: “Some have been fishing these waters for 70 years or more so it's quite something. What a great track record to have”.

    James' dad Peter, who has been fishing in the area for decades said he’s never seen anything like this: “All I ever saw was black pilot whales. But having this huge humpback whale come up to right next to the boat is pretty amazing”.

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    The sighting by James, who runsNemo Glass Boattrips in the summer, comes about five weeks after humpback whales were spotted off the Lizard peninsula and in Mount's Bay a few days before that.

    Dave Stevens from NCI Penzance, part of the National Coastwatch Institute network, was in the lookout station in December when his team spotted the unusual sighting of the magnificent mammal breaching the surface off the coast.

    Dave said at the time that the humpback whale sighting was rare: “You don't see humpback whales very often and I've never actually seen one in Cornwall before, so we weren't sure what it was at first”.


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