Five decapitated and flayed heads found in coolers after horror cartel stand-off

Hitmen from a Mexican cartel are said to have been responsible for a cooler box found in the middle of the road that had four severed heads inside.

A total of five decapitated heads have since been found following a disturbing cartel stand-off, with hitmen from the Gulf Cartel Metros said to be behind the decapitations.

Dismembered remains were found by police in a gruesome cooler that featured severed heads with their skin flayed off, with a message left within that was signed "CDG Operativa Torres".

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Just a few days after this horror find, another cooler was found in response, with Cartel Del Noreste leaving behind a cooler filled with four heads.

Inside also was a chilling message to the Gulf Cartel, with the discovery made after a dismembered body was spotted by the side of the road.

Authorities quickly responded to the report of the dismembered body, which was found in Miguel Aleman, a municipality in the Frontera Chica region.

There is reason to believe the region is controlled by Gulf cartel Los Metros, although the area is regularly contested by CDN members.

A dismembered body wrapped in red cloth as well as a sack were found next to a bloodied red cooler and a message left behind for the cartel.

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Officers responding to the scene found a dismembered person and the decapitated head of a man inside of the cooler, but alongside that was a chilling message that revealed more about the fight between the gangs.

A message signed by "Operativa Toros", reported by BorderlandBeat, read: "This problem of ours isn't against any of you guys. The chaos that went down in Mirador was done by those morons from the Cartel del Noreste.

"They want to do more than just kill innocent civilians, families, steal, and terrorize citizens. Please allow us to do our work at night in order to finish off these filthy individuals.

"All 'Sedena' troops will be respected. And this will be the fate of every dirty individual who is f***ing up here."

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