Flash floods in Spain sweep cars away and destroy homes after torrential rain

The city of Valencia has been struck by a freak storm that brought heavy downpours and strong gales to the holiday resort.

Footage emerged online showing several cars being swept away along swollen rivers and tumbling downstream towards the Bosquet Ravine in the municipality of Moixent.

The cars' headlights and brake lights were flashing as they flipped and bobbed up and down in the ferocious water.

Thankfully the cars were empty at the time, according to local reports.

Weather service AVAMET said the region saw its heaviest rainfall since records began in 1917.

In another video, a city street is seen completely submerged after the nearby Clariano River burst its banks.

Reports said that 250 litres of water per square kilometre were recorded in a 24-hour period while winds reached speeds of 47 mph.

Local forecasters have placed an alert for storms today in the southern area of Valencia and all of Alicante province, with more heavy rainfall expected.

Over 255,000 students in 84 affected regions have been told not to attend classes as all schools have been closed as a preventative measure.

Valencia's Port de Sagunt has also been closed until further notice, according to the port authority.

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