Flight attendants given two weeks to lose extra pounds by ‘weight police’

Former flight attendants at Emirates airlines have claimed they would be given two weeks to lose extra pounds or they would be punished.

Ex-cabin crew revealed their weight was constantly monitored during their time at the airline and labelled the harsh grooming officers as "weight police ".

They estimated that "150 people out of 25,000" staff would be enrolled into an "Appearance Management Programme" at any given time to ensure they were putting on a "glamorous Emirates face".

Emirates reportedly go to extreme lengths such as issuing pay cuts to help crackdown on those who were overweight and were not meeting the requirements of the airline.

Karla Bayson, 36, said she witnessed her co-workers receive warnings about their size before she left her nine-year stint at the airline in 2021, reports Insider.

She said staff were only given a total of 14-days to lose weight before they were "checked again" by grooming officers.

She also claimed that the airline didn't make exceptions for mother's who would return from maternity leave and said they were given just 180 days to lose pregnancy weight.

Former attendant Maya Dukaric backed the claims and said the "weight police" would stop cabin crew members at airports from time to time and say: "Hey, babe. You need to slow it down."

A former HR business partner, who asked to stay anonymous, claimed that the weight programme would give diet and exercise plans to those that they were monitoring.

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The ex-employee, who worked at the airline for over five years, said those in the programme would be made to meet with HR to examine their progress and those who had failed to meet their targets would be punished.

The shocking claims comes shortly after an Emirates air hostess, who worked at the airline for a decade, decided to quit her job after being put on the weight management programme.

Duygu Karaman, from High Wycombe, claimed she spent the last three years of her career being monitored after a co-worker anonymously reported that she was "too heavy".

Karaman, who weighed in at 10st 7lbs, had to have her BMI tracked by the airline and was stopped for random weight checks despite only being a size 12.

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She claimed the airline added her onto the programme for being just 2kg over the weight requirements and said they only gave her basic advice.

She told The Mirror: "They give you an A4 piece of paper which just said: 'Don't eat rice, don't eat bread'. Stuff like that.

"It was stuff everybody knows like sleep regularly, which I can't do because of the job."

The air-hostess said some of her colleagues had been "grounded" due to problems with their weight and were penalised with pay cuts or flight suspensions.

Karaman said employees had to stay on the weight management programme for a year at the required weight before they could be taken off.

She claimed that each time she put on one or two kilos her time reset on the programme back to zero.

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She added that she has become happier since resigning and has gone back to university to become a dietitian.

Emirates told Insider: "We do not comment on internal policies or procedures or specific, confidential cases of existing or past employees.

"As a global airline, we treat the wellbeing of our employees with the highest priority, and we believe being fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, is a critical aspect in them carrying out their duties safely and effectively.

"It may not always be apparent to our customers, but the responsibilities of our cabin crew are vast, and their ability to influence and achieve safe outcomes when needed, requires extensive training and a minimum standard of physical fitness."

Daily Star have contacted Emirates for comment.

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