Florida fisherman chased by a 11-ft alligator

Horror-movie moment Florida fisherman falls over as 11ft alligator chases him along path in the Everglades

  • Tommy Lee, 22, was fishing for tarpon in the Florida Everglades on Saturday 
  • He ran down a trail after spotting the alligator emerging from the water 
  • He decided to abandon his fishing trip after his confrontation with the alligator 

This is the moment a 22-year-old Florida man was confronted by an 11-foot-long bull alligator while he was out fishing in the Everglades.  

Tommy Lee, who is known as Chumdumpster on YouTube, panicked when he saw the alligator and fell over, like a victim in a low-budget horror movie, while retreating from the predator. 

He was casting his rod between a gap in some bushes in his effort to land some tarpon when he saw movement in the water.  

Tommy Lee, 22, was fishing for tarpon in the Florida Everglades when he saw a large alligator emerge from the water

Tommy Lee, 22, claimed the 11-foot alligator got within ten feet of him

The 11-foot alligator chased Lee along the path before it returned to the water 

As the alligator approached the shore, Lee retreated a few yards to give the large predator some space. 

Giving a running commentary on what was happening, Lee said: ‘Well, that put an end to my tarpon fishing… wow!’

The fisherman, from Florida urges the alligator to ‘get back’ into the water.

Instead, the fisherman is forced to retreat a further ten yards where he exclaims ‘oh my God!’

When the alligator turns around to head back to the water, the Florida man approached the reptile calling out ‘heh buddy’.

After the alligator returned to the water, the man said: ‘I am out of here, screw that.’

He said: ‘I was tarpon fishing at sunrise when an 11-foot plus bull gator stalked me then chased me. 

‘The camera is a GoPro with a wide angle. The gator appeared much larger and closer in person. It got within 10ft of me. 

‘I ran backward and fell as he chased me. Then I confronted him and he chased me again before retreating back to the water. Then I retreated back to my truck.’

Savanna Boan of Gatorland warned Click Orlando to be careful as it is now alligator mating season. 

She said: ‘First of all, you need to watch every body of water, your bathtub, your swimming pool, your backyard pond, your mud puddles that your kids play in ― anywhere an alligator can be found right now, because alligators are on the run, especially the smaller ones that are easier to hide.

‘The big bull alligators are pushing all the little ones out because they want all the ladies to themselves.’

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