Four AK-47 wielding thugs hunted by cops after trying to carjack mom and kids – The Sun

AK47 wielding gunmen robbed a car full of children and a single mom at a San Antonio apartment complex.

Police said the woman was heading to work with her children just after 4:30 am on Monday at the Lucero Apartments on Acme Road near West Commerce Street, San Antonio.

When she got inside her car, she was surrounded by four men pointing AK-47s at her and her kids.

They ordered her and her children out of the car and attempted to steal it, but they couldn't get the car started.

During the robbery, the woman told her terrified young children to run and hide as she was further accosted by the gunmen who took her cell phone and took off on foot.

After the attackers took off the woman flagged down a man also heading to work to call for help and went to retrieve her kids from some nearby bushes.

Police are still investigating.

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