Fray Bentos pie tins to be changed after more than 50 years because young people can't work out how to open them

Vowing to improve the "openability" of their tins, Fray Bentos finally caved to the demands of hungry pie eaters.

The big change comes after scores of customers uploaded videos of themselves using hammers, screwdrivers and knives to open the classic cans.

Many reported they broke tin openers as they tried to get inside the packaging, which contains a variety of pies including beef and chicken.

Bill Kidgell, who filmed himself hammering a screwdriver into an unopened tin, joked: “It’s quite easy when you know how.

“Just make sure you keep your fingers out of the way.”

Another YouTuber named Charlie uploaded a clip showing him use a huge kitchen knife to hack the tin open.

He wrote: "Tin opener wouldn't open so used the biggest chef's night I had and a hammer."

Another quipped: "Get an angle grinder".

One hungry student also posted a video, announcing: "This thing doesn't open. It's official. After three years of having this under my bed in my emergency food box it's going in the bin."

As more and more clips of struggling youngsters surfaced online, Fray Bentos, owned in the UK since 2011 by food firm Baxters, said: "We strongly advice our customers to use a robust can opener."

But pie punters weren't satisfied, forcing Fray Bentos to announce the iconic tins are being redesigned.

A spokesman said: “We have worked closely with our pie can manufacturers to improve the openability of the can.

“The focus has been on ­improving the ridges on the lid.”



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