Free condom delivery service launched during coronavirus lockdowns to stop ‘unexpected pregnancies and STDs’ – The Sun

A FREE condom delivery service has been launched in the coronavirus lockdown to stop "unexpected pregnancies and STDs".

The state of Michigan is accepting orders for free condoms which will be delivered during this unprecedented "public health crisis", officials have said.

Free condoms are normally given to local health departments in the state and clinics to distribute within their communities.

But with almost everyone ordered to stay home due in the pandemic, condoms are being made available via email at [email protected]

The condoms will be mailed in plain packaging and state says that it has received about 1,000 requests, NBC News reports.


"We feel that it is extremely important during this public health crisis to continue to support our communities in protecting themselves against unintended pregnancy, STIs, and HIV," said state health department spokeswoman.

"We are providing free condoms mailed directly to those who request them. Each recipient will receive 10 condoms and 10 packets of lubricant in a plain mailer.

"It does not have a logo on it and will likely be hand addressed as staff are working from home and shipping these items out."

Earlier this month Detroit also rolled out a similar free condoms plan.

The city’s Health Department provides residents with a package of 12 condoms which also can be ordered online and arrive in a discreet package.

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