Freerunner leaps between five-storey buildings in dangerous stunt over Brit city

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A thrill-seeker has been slammed after he was filmed jumping across two five-storey buildings in Brighton.

Videos of the dangerous stunt have already been seen more than 700,000 times on TikTok after being posted by @josephjamesh.

One clip shows the man wearing a grey T-shirt leaping from the roof of one building to another opposite, where his friends are waiting.

Sussex Police officers can be seen watching on from the ground. Another video of the same incident is taken from street-level and shows just how far the man leaps.

The initial video was shared on September 13 and was accompanied with a warning by TikTok, which read: “ “The action in this video could result in serious injury.”

It was met with widespread outrage from viewers. One wrote: “If he gets it wrong, guess who has to clear up the mess.”

Another said: “That could have ended differently. Why?”

Someone else added: “By liking these videos it only encourages these kids to risk their live’s so please don’t.”

Joseph’s second video was posted on September 22 and he appeared to respond to the critics in the caption.

“You see danger, I see calm, he simply wrote.

Daily Star Online has contacted Sussex Police for comment regarding the incident.

Freerunning like that seen in the video can often have deadly consequences.

Parkour enthusiast Johnny Turner, 28, fell to his death last year while trying to scale a block of flats in London.

And back in 2017, a Brit free-runner was killed on New Year’s Day in a “train accident” on the Paris Metro.

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