Furious boyfriend punches man who stares at girlfriend’s bum

A furious boyfriend was caught on camera lashing out at a man staring at his girlfriend’s backside – before being ordered to apologise by his embarrassed partner.

CCTV footage from a phone shop in North Carolina shows the man punch his rival so hard that his cap came off.

The customer with a wandering eye is seen leaning against a counter at the store, and appears to smirk when the woman’s protective partner spots what he’s doing.

The man, who is wearing a red cap and shirt, said "Yeah" as the row flared up.

Incensed, the boyfriend charges at the customer and swings at him.

But his girlfriend was unimpressed with his antics, asking him: "What is wrong with you?"

She then tells him: "You need to go say sorry, please."

The boyfriend is seen marching outside to apologise to the man he had thumped moments earlier.

It happened inside the SEA Wireless shop in Lincolnton.

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