Furious woman confronts boyfriend outside strip club after ‘tracking his phone’

This is the awkward moment a furious girlfriend apparently caught her boyfriend at a strip club after tracking him down via Snapchat .

The woman was filmed shouting and confronting her partner outside the lap dancing venue in Lincoln, East Midlands, last month.

She allegedly tracked him down to Krystals Premier Gentleman’s Club after he forgot to turn off his location on his Snapchat app.

Reveller Rhys Whitehouse, 23, was walking home with his pals from the pub when he heard the woman yelling at the club’s bouncers.

He claims she demanded that they turf her boyfriend out.

Bricklayer Rhys caught the confrontation on camera after he and his friends decided to stick around to watch the drama unfold.

In toe-curling footage, the upset woman can be seen yelling and waving her arms at her partner as he appears to leave the strip club.

The man allegedly tries to explain that he had ‘only just walked in’.

He then begins to walk away – but his girlfriend continues shouting at him, as Rhys, his friends and several others look on.

Turning around, the boyfriend notices he is being filmed and points towards the camera, before bending over and laughing.

Rhys and his friends cheer: "You’re in the s***."

With his girlfriend standing just metres away, the young man sticks his thumbs in the air before approaching the camera.

“Game on," he says, as his partner looks unimpressed.

Rhys shared the video online, where it received more than 17,000 likes and shares and was viewed more than 1.8million times.

The reveller, from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, said he found the incident "hilarious".

“Some girls just don’t agree with guys going to strip clubs, but it’s not like it’s a brothel," he said.

“The main thing I found was funny was that she tracked his phone down. That’s next level paranoia.

“I don’t know how he thought he could get away with it."

He added that he was out with his friends when he came across the woman "shouting" at bouncers about her boyfriend.

“I was walking down and this lass was shouting at the bouncers ‘my boyfriend is in there and I have tracked him down on Snapchat’," he claimed.

“I got to the door and I filmed him with my camera and she got annoyed and started charging at him, but unfortunately I missed it [with my camera]."

“Everyone else was trying to stop it. Their argument carried on up the road… I would be a bit shocked if I was in his shoes."

He added: "If it were me, I wouldn’t get myself in that situation – I would make sure I didn’t have my location on.”

After Rhys posted the footage online, social media users rowed over which partner was in the wrong.

The bricklayer said: " A lot of people related to it. A lot of girls track their boyfriend’s iPhones and a lot of guys have been caught.

“That’s why everyone likes the video.”

One social media user wrote: “Time to turn that location off I think son.”

However, others disagreed and claimed he shouldn’t have allegedly been in the club in the first place.

One wrote: “They all laugh until it’s their man in the club getting danced on.”

A spokesperson for Krystals Premier Gentleman Club said: “In line with our policy we would decline to comment on this story as the incident happened in the street outside and had nothing to do with us.”

The couple in the video were contacted for comment but did not respond.

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