German shepherd’s adorable habit of ’embracing inner meerkat’ melts hearts

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A German shepherd has melted hearts for his adorable habit of standing on his hind legs just like a meerkat.

The footage shows the dog noticing something out of the window and swiftly jumping up to get a better view.

He manages to maintain he pose for several seconds before dropping back down to the floor.

It was shared to Reddit by user TommyT32, who asked in the caption: “Anyone else have a German shepherd that just forgets they’re a dog and full-on embraces their inner meerkat.”

The clip has since received more than 900 upvotes and viewers flooded the comments section sharing their stories of their furry friends.

“I’ve taught my GSD how to “sit pretty” but his balance is not that good so he goes up, and right back down,” one commented.

Another wrote: “All GSDs I have met think they don’t have to adhere to gravity.

“You can tell a lot of them know they aren’t allowed to jump on people, so instead they get around those rules by meercatting, hopping, and other weird shenanigans.”

A third added: “What a cute dog, he looks like you just put a big dog head on a corgi body haha.”

The pooch isn’t the only German shepherd to have gone viral in recent weeks.

Last week, a pup showed off his “singing voice” before waiting for her owner Yasmine Prince’s reaction.

Reddit user Yasmine Prince shared the cute footage of her fluffball showing off his vocal work when she played a song on YouTube.

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Yasmine couldn't hold her laughter and said: "You're singing! You're singing!"

Meanwhile, pictures have emerged of an adult German shepherd with a rare condition that means he will always look like a puppy.

Owner Shelby May explained her dog Ranger suffers from pituitary dwarfism – a condition that can lower the life expectancy of pooches.

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