Ghislaine Maxwell – Highest-ever security team monitoring her every move as officials vow to keep Epstein ‘pimp’ alive

GHISLAINE Maxwell's every move will be monitored behind bars following the jail cell death of her former lover.

The Brit socialite has been transferred to New York's tough Metropolitan Detention Centre (MDC) ahead of a high-profile court hearing on child sex charges.

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Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by the same US Attorneys Office last year – but killed himself before he faced justice on charges of sex trafficking.

Now a law-enforcement source has revealed prison officials in charge of the MDC in Brooklyn are determined to avoid a similar fate with Maxwell.

“They want to make sure she’ll stand trial,” a source told the New York Post before adding the Bureau of Prisons doesn’t want another “black eye.”

The 58-year-old will be guarded by the "highest security available" while behind bars, the source added.

She’ll be "shadowed by prison officers" when she moves around the jail and a surveillance camera will be trained on her cell, claimed the insider.

Maxwell will remain locked up at the MDC until a hearing when a judge will rule if she’ll stay behind bars until her trial or be given bail.

Jeffrey Epstein's "pimp" left Merrimack County House of Corrections in New Hampshire during a top security operation in the early hours of Monday.

That move came after US Attorney General William Barr reportedly called prosecutors to warn them “no harm must come” to her.

Following Maxwell's arrest, Spencer Kuvin – who represents several Epstein victims – said the Brit may take her own life behind bars but added powerful people may try and silence her.

He said: “It may be that she can’t handle the fear of what’s going to happen to her and takes matters into her own hands or there will be people who are very afraid of what she has to say."

The Metropolitan Detention Centre has been rocked by problems in recent months.

In June, an inmate died after correctional officers sprayed him with pepper sprayand in March the jail had the federal prison system's first inmate to test positive for coronavirus.

Maxwell was arrested by the FBI on suspicion of being part of Epstein's sick sex trafficking ring on Thursday.

She has been indicted on multiple charges, including that she conspired to entice girls as young as 14 to engage in illegal sex acts with Epstein at Epstein’s residences in New York City, Florida, and New Mexico.

Prosecutors say the charges carry a potential penalty of up to 35 years in prison.

There was speculation Maxwell was going to be housed in the Metropolitan Corrections Centre (MCC) where Epstein killed himself.

He was being held on MCC's Special Housing Unit, where he was meant to be under 24-hour monitoring and given daily psychiatric evaluations.

He was sent there after being found on the floor of his cell with neck injuries after an apparent attempted suicide.

Two guards were meant to check on him every 30 minutes, but reportedly this did not happen on the night of his death.

He was also meant to have a cellmate, but he had been transferred away and no replacement had been moved in.

His death – which denied his victims the chance to see justice done – saw the focus on the probe shift to Maxwell and his other associates.

Some however question whether Epstein did really kill himself, with conspiracy theories about his death continuing to rage.

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