Girl, 17, says she loves ‘extravagant’ sex with dad-of-three, 44, she met online

A 17-year-old girl found love with a 44-year-old dad-of-three older than her own father after dumping her boyfriend and looking for friendship online.

Avalon Garvey, now 19, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, has been in a long-distance relationship with Doug Traser – who is 27 years her senior – for two years.

The pair met on an online dating website in 2016 and immediately hit it off.

Doug, from San Francisco, California, travelled to the UK to meet Avalon after being upfront about his age from day one.

The then 44-year-old immediately confessed to having three grown-up children from two previous marriages.

Now the couple meet every other month, with Avalon flying to California and Doug to the UK, the Sun reports.

Describing their sex life, Avalon said: "When we are together it is extravagant, it is good.

"He knows what he is doing, I am happy."

She said it was love at first sight and the couple had sex on their first meeting.

Two years on and now a first-year student at the University of York, Avalon has taken Doug on a night out with her university friends and introduced her to her mum.

According to the teen, she ended a "rocky" relationship with an ex of the same age when she started talking to her older man.

And she says she has never looked back.

Age is also just a number for teenager Gary Hardwick who said it was love at first sight when he saw a grandmother 53 years older than him two years ago.

Almeda, then 71, and Gary Hardwick, then 17, briefly met two summers ago at her son Robert’s funeral after he tragically died of a seizure aged 45.

But the couple did not get together properly until two months later when Robert’s widow Lisa invited them both along to a family meal at a nearby Chuck E Cheese’s pizza restaurant.

Gary had just broken up with another woman aged 77, and admits he knew Almeda was ‘the one’ as soon as he locked eyes with the grandmother-of-six.

Two weeks into their whirlwind romance, Gary popped the question and they tied the knot just six days later.

"The first time we made love was on our wedding night, he said.

"It was an amazing experience. There was such a deep connection there. She’s a wonderful lover."

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