Girl, 5, bitten by rattlesnake and left fighting for her life as venom spreads

A five-year-old girl is fighting for her life after being bitten several times by a rattlesnake.

Cynthia Spell told WALB in south Georgia, US, her daughter, Maisy Lamica, was bitten by the animal three times on her right calf.

She said: “The amount of times that snake bit her was enough to kind of sedate an elephant at this point basically."

Maisy, who was with her dad at the time, had gone to check on the family’s cat, who had cornered the timber rattlesnake by a tree.

“[Her dad] looked over and she was hopping on one foot, and as soon as he saw her hopping, he heard the rattle,” Cynthia said. “So, it didn’t rattle until after it bit her.”

Maisy’s dad called 911 immediately and emergency services arrived at the scene.

According to Cynthia, when the ambulance arrived, Maisy went into anaphylactic shock and her body began shutting down on the way to the hospital,

According to, she added: “We got to the hospital, they were trying to reassure us she was going to be OK, but she just did not look anything OK at all.

"She was pale, vitals were immediately going down very fast. A very scary situation.”

The girl’s lungs started closing up when she arrived at South Georgia Medical Center, and her heart rate and blood pressure dropped.

Doctors inserted tubes into Maisy's throat to allow her to breathe and she was flown to UF Heath Shands Hospital in Florida.

Her mum said she has received up to 37 vials of anti-venom.

Doctors are working to save the young girl’s leg, and Cynthia said the venom appears to be spreading to her thigh.

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Spell reportedly said: “I’ve never in my life experienced anything like it.

"Just pray. I mean, people ask us what can we do for you and really her body and the doctors have to do the rest.”

Timber rattlesnakes, also called canebrake rattlesnakes, are heavy-bodied snakes with rattles at the end of their tails

Adults measure between 30-60 in (76-152 cm) with the largest recorded being more than one 6ft (183 cm) long.

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