Girl, 7, who dressed as Minnie Mouse for Halloween shot by ‘man in mask’

A girl dressed up as Minnie Mouse was shot and critically injured in a Halloween attack – with a 15-year-old who allegedly fired the bullets due in a Chicago court.

Giselle Zamago, 7, was struck twice in the neck and chest when out with her dad celebrating Halloween in the Little Village neighbourhood of the US city.

She is now in a stable condition in hospital while the alleged attacker is is due in a juvenile court later today after being charged with attempted murder last Friday.

Police believe the gunman is a member of the Gangster Two-Six gang and fired into a crowd including Giselle as he aimed for a Latin King member.

Giselle’s aunt Sanjuana Zamago said that the youngster is recovering.

She told NBC: “So many kids were excited to ask for candy. It’s not fair but thank God people have prayed for my girl.

“She’s good now and we hope that nothing like this happens again.

“These people should not be loose on the streets.”

Footage shows people fleeing as gunshots rang out.

Cops say that the boy, 15, was wearing a white “Jason” mask as he fired seven times into the crowd of trick or treating children.

The mask is a hockey goaltender mask used by a killer in the horror film Friday the 13th Part III.

The teenager, who also hit a man, 32, in the hand, has been held in custody until a second hearing on Monday.

Jack Ruggiero, assistant State’s Attorney, reports the Chicago Tribune, said: “He transformed (it) into a real-life horror movie.”

After the attack the alleged gunman is accused of running into an alley and putting the gun in a dustbin.

Giselle has to undergo at least two more operations and could be in hospital for a further two weeks.

A gofundme page to help pay for Giselle’s medical bills has raised $8,431 (£6,500) so far.

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