Glam Russian rich girls cut up Chanel handbags in fit of fury over sanctions

Rich Russian women are videoing themselves cutting up their Chanel handbags to protest being unable to purchase the fashionable items because of trade sanctions against Russia.

Trade sanctions are currently in place with a number of big name brands including McDonald's, Coca Cola and Chanel have stopped trading in Russia after their invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow models and influencers are fuming at the Chanel ban, with many accusing the brand of "Russophobia," taking to social media to show themselves destroying Chanel products.

Chanel has also asked Russians abroad to sign pledges assuring the fashion brand that the products would not be displayed or worn in Russia.

Wealthy Russians are hitting back at Chanel, despite the trade sanction being in place because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Marina Ermoshkina, 28, a TV presenter and actress, voiced her outrage about Russian women having to sign the pledges that say they wouldn't be using Chanel products in Russia.

She cut into her accessory bag with industrial scissors and said: "Not a single item or brand is worth my love for my Motherland and my self-respect. I am against Russophobia and I am against Russophobia-supporting brands.

"If owning Chanel means selling my Motherland, then I don't need Chanel."

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Ermoshkina urged others to tear up their products, saying: "For us Russian women, having Chanel is not significant. It was us who were the face of this brand. Since childhood we dreamed about buying this bag."

Other influential Russians have slammed Chanel for their trade sanctions, Daily Mail reports, with DJ Katya Guseva saying: "I am saying 'No' to Chanel. They are forcing me to sign a humiliating document, forcing me to reject my Motherland in favour of their brand.

"I am against Russophobia and against segregation by nationality. To show you I am serious, I will simply cut up this bag. I don't need it any more. Bye bye, Chanel."

Model Victoria Bonya, 42, also cut up her Chanel items, saying: "I have to say if Chanel House does not respect its clients, [why] do we have to respect Chanel? Bye bye."

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