Glum ‘why’ questions are among most the Googled terms of 2020

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The world is baffled by 2020 — no question!

Pandemic-wary folks around the world Googled more “why” questions this year than ever before,  according to the search engine giant.

Tortured phrases such as “why is it called COVID-19?,” “why can’t I sleep?” and  “why social distancing” topped the list of the year’s most-searched questions globally, the according to the company.

Stuck-at-home web surfers also typed in the term “insomnia” more during 2020 than any other previous year, and hunted for definitions of “pandemic,” “Juneteenth,” and “asymptomatic,” according to the firm’s annual Year in Search trends report.

And the year’s most popular news-related searches were also glum — including “election results,” “coronavirus,” and “stimulus checks” and “murder hornets.”  

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Kim Jong Un were the most-Googled people during the year that brought you nasal swabbing and drive-through strip clubs.

The most popular “how to” phrases included “how to help Black Lives Matter,” “how to help during coronavirus” and “how to donate blood,” according to the report.

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