Golden retriever born with a mohawk still has it today – and he looks adorable

A golden retriever has managed to keep his trendy mohawk since birth and the result is too cute for words.

Stanley the goldie has become a viral sensation thanks to his hair, with his dedicated Instagram channel @stanleythegoldenfluff surging in popularity.

The pooch from Pennsylvania, US, was born last year with the unusual look.

After owner Megan Callahan and her owner took him home at two months old, the lovable attribute had disappeared.

Much to their joy, though, it made a swift return and has stayed with Stanley ever since.

In one particularly cute clip, shared yesterday (September 2), Stanley is seen having a swim in his pool.

With most hairstyles, water can often ruin anything you have arranged.

But Stanley’s mohawk is made of stronger stuff. As he emerges from the pool, it remains in exactly the same place.

In fact, the mohawk is even more noticeable when wet.

The latest swimming video has already attracted more than 1,200 views.

In the voice of Stanley, it was captioned: “i’s divins in da pool and still gots my mohawk. youse like my mohawk??? thanku.”

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  • One viewer responded: "I'm dying with that mohawk." Another wrote: "Love love love your mohawk."

    Speaking to The Dodo, Megan said: “When we took him out, strangers would come up to us and ask about his mohawk.

    “They even asked me if I styled it or cut it that way.”

    Stanley isn’t the only golden retriever to have stolen the hearts of the internet recently.

    Footage emerged last week of an elderly goldie celebrating her 11th birthday in the most adorable way.

    Meanwhile, a puppy’s huge fail at trying to jump up onto a curb went viral.

    Golden retrievers are also often seen making unusual friendships.

    Daily Star Online recently spoke to the owner of Bailey about his heartwarming friendship with a litter of bunnies.

    The baby rabbits even think the dog is their own mother.

    And another pooch went viral for being best friends with a cat.

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