Golden retriever makes adorable ‘grunting’ noises every time he’s stroked

A golden retriever was making hearts melt on Reddit after her lucky owner shared a video of the cute "purring" sound she makes when she's happy.

In the sweet clip, uploaded by u/RGanong the two-year-old dog called Pippin is enjoying having her torso tickled.

The reddish-hued golden yawns and then makes several little grunting noises as she enjoys the attention being showered on her and starts to fall asleep.

Her owner asked in the caption: "Anybody else's golden make cute little grunting noises?"

The clip was up-voted more than 2,000 times and other dog lovers said they had similar experiences.

One pet parent wrote: "I'm glad someone finally posted about this, cause my golden does that same thing, makes grunting noises (like a pig kinda haha) and I've wondered if it was common within goldens.

"Never sounds like she can't breathe or anything, just funny grunts haha."

"It’s like a purr," commented someone else.

A third said: "My girl does this when she wants attention, and it’s on the inhale which is the weird part (basically a loud snore).

"She then gets progressively louder to make sure you know she’s there."

Another user wrote: "Mine does when he’s dreaming. He makes these Whoop Whoop …. whoop whoop whoop sounds."

This comes after another golden retriever called Mango had a tantrum when she was put on a diet, as seen in a hilarious video.

The dog's dramatic reaction to her slimmed-down dinner time left viewers in stitches, with her putting on the puppy-dog eyes to maximum effect.

Smitten dog lovers even promised to "rescue" her from the tiny portion of food, although sadly it was on the orders of the vet so it would be hard to wriggle out of the diet.

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