Golden retriever refuses to play fetch as he ‘makes rules’ for ‘servant’ owner

A golden retriever has left his owner convinced that he "lives by his own rules" when it comes to commands..

Maura Weis, from Florida, US, often thinks she is a servant of her dog George, who hates to follow rules and instructions.

"He definitely lives by his own rules and I’m just his servant. He literally runs my life," she told Daily Star in an exclusive interview.

In a hilarious video she posted on Facebook, the three-year-old pet refuses to move when Maura asks him to catch a tennis ball.

He sits on the grass patch and stares at Maura, who is heard encouraging him: "Come on, George, let's go into the house.

"Let's go! Come on, let's go. George! Let's go, come on!"

Sitting comfortably at the garden, George looks at Maura and trying to show her that he is in command.

Maura tries to come up with a trick by saying some of his favourite words.

"Don't you want to have dinner?" she asks while walking closer to him. "Don't you want to have your dinner? No?

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"You know you want to have your dinner. Come on, George, let's go!"

The goofy goldie turns his head to the side and enjoys the light breeze brushing through his thick coat of fur.

Maura tries again and this time, she picks up the tennis ball in front of George and asks him to catch it for her.

"George, can I have that ball? Can I have it? Oh thanks, catch it? One, two…" she says then throws the ball at George, waiting for him to get up.

But George doesn't fall for it – he hits the ball with his snout, sending it to the back and watching it fall right next to his legs.

"Oh that's bad, George," says Maura while she tries not to laugh. "Come on, let's go.

"All right, I'm going to take your ball."

Maura told us her dog is full of character and she wouldn't do anything to change him.

"George doesn’t catch balls or listen to the 'come in' command. He has his own rules and believe me he lives by them," she explained.

"I have a horse farm here in Florida and he loves going to the barn, he actually thinks he is the barn manager.

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"He goes there by himself all morning and since it’s hot here he jumps in my pool whenever he wants. To cool off and then goes right back to the barn. "

The dog mum, who recently published a book "George's World of Questions" on diversity, also shared another video of George soaking himself in the pool.

He wouldn't come out from the water until Maura mentioned "golden girls".

"It’s just fun and people love the silliness because it makes them laugh. He is really beautiful too and has the most expressive faces," she added.

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