Golden retriever ‘talks’ to owner when he comes home and it’s impossibly cute

An adorable golden retriever has gone viral for her daily routine of "talking" to her owner when he returns home from.

MaoMao the pooch loves having conversations with her owner, who is known online as Uncle You.

Mr You, who runs a dog treat company in Jilin, northeastern China, dedicated his Douyin account to his lovely pet and regularly shares the daily life of the six-year-old dog.

He told Daily Star that the two of them have grown an inseparable bond over the past six years.

"She will do the 'talking squeal' every time when she needs you for something – whether it's food, petting or a walk outside," the owner explained.

"She's been with me long enough that I can understand what she wants every time she makes a sound."

In one clip, Mr You returns home to find MaoMao patiently waiting for him on the sofa.

She looks at him and squeals like a baby while wiggling her body.

When he sits next to her, the affectionate dog can't wait to reunite with her beloved owner and extends her paw for a hug.

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"What's going on with you? I only left for a short while," Mr You says.

The goldie seems to understand his words and quickly puts her head on her owner's lap and pulls a grumpy face, giving him a long high-pitched groan.

Mr You couldn't resist MaoMao's cute face and cracks a giggle, telling her: "Okay, okay. I'm back here anyway. Don't worry."

In another hilarious video, MaoMao "talks" to her owner again when he gives her treat.

The self-employed owner asks the playful goldie to try a dried chicken strip so he calls her from the balcony.

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MaoMao gets up from the sofa and comes to Mr You with a toy corn in the mouth, making a whining sound.

"You want this right? Then you have to drop the toy first, come on," Mr You tells MaoMao, who refuses to let go of her toy.

"How are you going to eat then? Do you want the snack or not?"

The smart pooch reacts as if she understands the questions and she tilts her head to gesture to her owner to slide the chicken strip into her mouth.

"She never steals the food from the rack," Mr You told Daily Star in an exclusive chat. "She understands that there are no other dogs in the house and she can, eventually, eat them all."

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